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High School Musical Jr
High School Musical Jr
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On the front steps of East High, it's the first day after winter break. Troy, the Captain of the basketball team, and a new student, Gabriella, want to audition for the school musical, but a drama Diva discourages them, and Troy’s teammate urges him to get his head in the game. The next day, while hopeful Thespians strut their stuff at auditions, Troy and Gabriella nearly miss their time to shine. Luckily the show’s composer encourages them to sing and they get a call-back which turns the school order upside down. The two encounter many obstacles along the way, but ultimately sing their way into the lead roles of this exhilarating musical! Ticket Prices: Children: $15 Adults: $20
McGinn/Cazale Theatre
2162 Broadway, 4th Floor
at 76th Street
New York NY 10024